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About Us

Nes Harim specializes in solutions for mal-odor challenges both In-house and the outside surroundings.

The range of our sophisticated products aimed to intercept the volatile components based on many years of lab development and field experience.


The products formulations are capable of neutralizing the mal-odor components in 30 seconds through mechanisms of adsorption and encapsulation in order to deactivate the mal-odor particles.


The products are eco-friendly and are in compliance with the Standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), 48th Amendment to the IFRA Code of Practice.


 The variety of our products designed accurately to be active and effective for all the inside and outside situations and locations.


The granulated product is based on high surface area porous material aimed to neutralize the most heavy-duty challenges and is easy to apply at home, office as well as trash compactors, sewage, veterinary and agriculture mal-odor sources.

The granules are eco-friendly, biodegradable and having immediate impact in small quantities and designed for 3 days’ lasting activity.


The liquid spray fresheners and neutralizers are available in different sizes and fragrances and are easily customized to every specific inside and outside location.


We will be glad to provide further description and guidelines upon request to achieve the best performance and product satisfaction.



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  Lachish 112 Shoham

Our Products

Harsh Odor Neutralizing Spray

(400 ml)

This liquid product, based on molecular ingredients, is ideal for spraying on surfaces or upholstery. It absorbs strong odors and releases a pleasant fragrance.

Odor Granules

Imported from the United States, these granules offer an easy and economical solution to odor problems. Granules can be scattered in select locations according to need.

Electronic Odor Neutralizing System

Specializing in harsh odor treatment, the Nes Harim Company provides unique, innovative solutions never before available in Israel. Based on molecular materials, our products are able to absorb harsh odors before releasing pleasant fragrances. Attacking both localized and widespread odor problems at their roots, our products transform the atmosphere of any space.

Aroma Diffuser

The Aroma Diffuser dispenses a pleasant fragrance using “Fragrance Clouds,” an innovative system designed for large spaces measuring between 100 and 1000 meters. Each space is equipped with the specific device and fragrance suited to its size.


Designed to be installed adjacent to garbage shafts or trash receptacles, Mega-Fresh absorbs harsh odors and prevents their spread or rise to upper floors.

Electronic Spray System for Poultry Farms and Slaughterhouses

This electronic system automatically adjusts the spray direction and disperses liquid molecular materials on surfaces.

Odor Belt

This belt emits a pleasant fragrance and is suitable for hanging on poles and pipes in bathrooms, washrooms, sink cabinets and more. The belt is waterproof, self- locking and equipped with safety closures.

Organic Freshener

This hanging air freshener with its pleasant fragrance is ideal for clothing and linen closets, elevators, cars and storage shelves.

Aerosol with neutralizing harsh odors.

Spray container suitable for all types of devices available on the market and based on perfumes. The device is intended for rooms, offices, toilets and small to medium-sized spaces that require constant maintenance of cleanliness and problems of unpleasant odors. By installing the spray in the device, you can create a permanent atmosphere of a fresh fragrance known for its positive effect on the mood, atmosphere and comfort of staying in the space on the part of those staying in it.